WhistlePig Is Turning Stale Beer Into Whiskey Making A Stir

WhistlePig Is Turning Stale Beer Into Whiskey

April 29,2020

Distilleries and breweries have been helping out with the fight against COVID-19 by producing hand sanitizer.

The beer industry has faced an additional challenge: the suds they already created were going stale.

But Vermont’s WhistlePig figured out a way to help save the brew and continue to produce the hand sanitizer — along with their coronavirus-fighting efforts, they’re converting stale beer from local breweries into whiskey.

Beer from the likes of Harpoon, Lawson’s, Long Trail, and Hill Farmstead is currently being trucked into the WhistlePig distillery, where the fermented grain is then run through copper stills and revived as a 160-proof spirit, according to a new report at Bloomberg. Besides providing a building block for whiskey, the efforts by WhistlePig will help reduce waste and decrease costs for the breweries (which are pivoting more toward cans and bottles).

WhistlePig will eventually sell these aging spirits as limited-edition single barrels.

WhistlePig Is Turning Stale Beer Into Whiskey Making A Stir

Blackened Whiskey Release Limited Edition Box Set

May 31,2020

For the first time ever, whiskey lovers and Metallica fans can collect a limited edition box set commemorating Batch 100 of the gold medal award-winning Blackened American Whiskey.

Loaded with instant collectors items including two 12” vinyl picture discs of the Metallica playlist that pummeled the finishing barrels during the sonic-enhancement process, the first issue of the unavailable-elsewhere Blackened zine and more.

The Batch 100 Box Set is a perfect collectors item or gift for diehard Metallica fans and whiskey lovers alike.

Included in the Batch 100 Box Set are 2 limited edition, 12” vinyl picture discs featuring the Batch 100 playlist selected by Master Distiller & Blender Rob Dietrich and curated by Lars Ulrich to sonically enhance the whiskey using Black Noise™ technology.

This eclectic mix of Metallica hits and rarities exists nowhere else as acollection on vinyl, making this entire set a must-have for die-hard fans and collectors.

WhistlePig Is Turning Stale Beer Into Whiskey Making A Stir

Bacardi Hotline Serves Advice To Home Cocktail Makers

May 26,2020

Bacardi has opened a messaging hotline in France so that consumers can get tips on how to make good cocktails and mocktails at home.

Managed by Bartenders for the BMF, the WhatsApp hotline can be used to get advice on how to make good use of leftover ingredients found in cupboards and fridges. Consumers can also use Instagram and Facebook to send questions and receive mixology advice.

The campaign is called “le numéro verre”, a pun on “numéro vert”, meaning toll-free number (“verre” means glass). The service is being offered from Wednesday to Friday each week in the lead-up to 2 June, which is the reported date for the reopening of bars in France.

For each message sent to the hotline, Bacardi will add a €1 tip to the bartender’s salary. The activity is part of Barcadi’s global initiative, “#RaiseYourSpirits”, that gives support to its partners across the world impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

WhistlePig Is Turning Stale Beer Into Whiskey Making A Stir

Bushmills whiskey revamps masterclass series to suit online

April 29,2020

Jose Cuervo-owned Irish whiskey brand Bushmills will be hosting interactive masterclasses on social media that explore the parallels between whiskey-making and specialist crafts.

The “Black Bush stories” series, which launched in 2018, has been reinvented to cater for consumers during lockdown and provide an opportunity for people to discover a new skill.

Events will be hosted on the @BushmillsUK Instagram account over four weeks at 8.00pm, starting from 29 April.

Whiskey experts Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison will be joined by a guest each week to cover a particular craft. The line-up includes charcuterie master Rob Krawczyk on 29 April, creative photographer Freddy Kelly on 6 May, tea-maker Oscar Woolley on 13 May and candle-maker Michael Morris on 20 May.

Viewers will be introduced to the world of Black Bush, hear the collaborator’s story and take part in the masterclass. The series will also be available on IGTV.

WhistlePig Is Turning Stale Beer Into Whiskey Making A Stir

Glengoyne Is Offering A Jigsaw Puzzle With Their Whisky

April 28,2020

Whisky makers Glengoyne thinks it has found the perfect way to beat lockdown – with a wee dram or two and a 500 piece limited-edition puzzle.

Alongside its range of whiskies, it is now selling a puzzle on its site that costs £10 when you buy any 70cl bottle of whisky, with some of the proceeds from the sale going to hospitality charities The Drinks Trust and The Ben.

The puzzle’s picture has been created by Scottish artist John Lowrie Morrison and it depicts the Glengoyne distillery in spring bloom.

The makers of Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky reckon that the puzzle should take a leisurely 4-5 hours to make and there is a good reason for this.

Head to Glengoyne.com for more information.

WhistlePig Is Turning Stale Beer Into Whiskey Making A Stir

Never Never Takes Out Best Regular Gin At SFWSC

April 18,2020

Never Never Distilling Co’s Triple Juniper Gin Export Strength has taken out Best Regular Gin at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The competition held its 20th-anniversary judging in March, with almost 3000 entries from all corners of the world.

“Amid all the doom and gloom we received some pretty amazing news that at least gives us some light at the end of the tunnel. Our Triple Juniper Gin Export Strength won best in class at the San Francisco Spirit Awards, the first time an Australian gin has managed to do so,” ⁠said Sean Baxter from Never Never Distilling.

Never Never Distilling Co’s Southern Strength Gin was named the World’s Best Classic Gin at the World Gin Awards in London earlier this year. Again, it’s the first time an Australian gin has won the prestigious award.

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