How Much Do You Know About The Real McCoy?

Yesterday was National Bootlegger Day, so we thought we’d test your knowledge of a spirit that pays homage to our favourites.

By: Tiff Christie|January 18,2020

The Real McCoy is named after William McCoy. What was he known as?

What does the expression the 'real McCoy' acually mean?

Wat type of spirit is The Real McCoy?

Where is The Real McCoy distilled?

What still type does The Real McCoy use for their distillation?

For how many hours is the Molasses fermented?

When did Founder and CEO, Bailey Pryor come up with the idea for the brand?

The Real McCoy produce three expressions - what ages are they?

What about The Real McCoy upholds William McCoy's legacy?

What US TV series has William McCoy as a character?

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How Much Do You Know About The Real McCoy?

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